Can you still recover deleted pictures from a phone?


Losing pictures on your phone can be frustrating. Pictures are a good way of creating memories and most people store them on their phones. In most cases, people lose their photos by accidentally deleting them on the phone or when the phone crashes. Can you still recover deleted pictures from a phone? Yes, you can. If you have deleted your pictures, below are ways of recovering them.

From the phones SD card

If your phone has an SD card, you can recover your pictures. Once you delete any files on your phones, they will remain in the memory card. The first step is to remove the SD card from the phone and connect it to a computer. Once you connect, you will be able to see the deleted photos. Make sure that you remove the SD card immediately so that the deleted files may not get overwritten by new files. Also, you should avoid taking more pictures with the phone during the recovery process.

Recover from cloud backup

Most photo apps use the cloud to back up photos. For this recovery method, you will need to have turned on the cloud back up option. Therefore, when your pictures are deleted, they will still appear on the cloud back up service. To recover them, you will need to log in the cloud back up service and download them on your phone.

Use data recovery software

Today, there are many apps on the web that offer files and photos recovery. You need to search online for the best-rated software and install it on your phone. Make sure that the picture recovery app is easy to use and cheap. The software that you select should come with instructions on how to use it and support whenever you have an issue using the software.

Connect the phone to a PC

After your pictures have been deleted on your phone, you should connect the phone to a PC using USB. Them make a copy of the internal memory and scan the memory. You will be able to see the deleted files and recover them.

Anyone can delete pictures accidentally from their phones. When you lose your pictures, you should act fast and avoid using the phone to increase your chances of recovery. The above methods are easy, and they will help you recover your pictures as soon as possible. They apply to both IOS and Android phones. Once you recover, make sure you have a good back up for the pictures.


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