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What you need to work in Game Design or Development


People are learning more about video game design in every way. A lot more information has been extended for those in the know. Video game development is a thriving industry in its own right. Ask what you need to work in game design or development. Be ready for the next big opportunity in the world […]

Five reasons you should buy a PlayStation


PlayStation and gaming have been stereotyped to have a negative effects on children and even adults but scientists have proved otherwise. Gaming has been proven to have a wide range of positive effects to the human brain and social skills. People also have debates on which gaming console is the best or should purchase. Here […]

ASIC vs GPU for Bitcoin Mining


It appears that technological advancement has made the world advanced to such an extent that the world has become a global village. One of the major technological advancement can be seen in the form of the cryptocurrencies which have captured the attention of a lot of investors. People are looking for different options and are […]

Things to consider before building the ultimate computer


The era of modernization and information technology has made the world a global village. The world has advanced to such an extent that it is possible to build a computer but there are certain things which should be kept in mind while building the ultimate computer. Some of these are as follows: -A computer comprises […]

Here are 10 XBox One tricks


Technological advancement has made everyone a part of this global village where everyone wants to spend their time playing different games on the XBox. Though for some it can be considered a total waste of time for many, it is their best way to kill time. The technological advancement has brought various changes in the […]

Can you really make a living as a Gamer?


True game fanatics want to check out the latest entries. They likely want to start a career in the video game industry. These players might have heard about some important details along the way. There are opportunities waiting for dedicated fans of certain games out there. Wait for news releases and job postings to be […]